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My Eth Daily

With My Eth Daily, you can start earning Ethereum each and every day. With our 3x10 forced matrix, 100% matching bonus, 2up coded referral bonuses and stair step matrix, you are certain to see a good daily income for the motivated individuals.


Quality Advertising Powered by Ethereum

Signup today and get 100 text ads, 50 - 468 banner ads and 50 - 125x125 banner ads free for joining. With our daily subscription program, when you upgrade you will receive these ad credits each day for 150 days.


Our Features

3x10 Forced Matrix

Each day when your subscription renews you will get a new position under your top position in the 3x10. Your first position will follow your sponsor.

100% Matching Bonus

Earn 100% matching bonus from all of your direct referrals. Whatever they earn in their 3x10 matrix, you will earn 100% of their earnings as well.

Coded Bonuses

Upgraded members pass up their first 2 referral commissions to their passup sponsor daily. Earn your own coded bonus starting with your third referral.

2x6 Progressive Matrix

Each time you fill your level one of the 3x10, you will enter a 2x2 progressive matrix.

Global PIF Pool

Need more referrals? Any membere that has not purchase or been PIFed a daily subscription within 3 days will enter the Global PIF Pool.

Daily Advertising

If all of these features weren't enough, receive daily advertising from each subscription your purchase.


Total Users


Total Subscriptions


Total Earned


Total Sub Wallet


MyETHDaily PayPlan

Levels Positions Pay Per Level Total Pay 100% Match
Level 1 3 0.000001 0.000003 0.000003
Level 2 9 0.000001 0.000009 0.000009
Level 3 27 0.000001 0.000027 0.000027
Level 4 81 0.000001 0.000081 0.000081
Level 5 243 0.000001 0.000243 0.000243
Level 6 729 0.000001 0.000729 0.000729
Level 7 2187 0.000001 0.002187 0.002187
Level 8 6561 0.000001 0.006561 0.006561
Level 9 19683 0.000001 0.019683 0.019683
Level 10 59049 0.000035 2.066715 2.066715
Totals     2.096238 2.096238

Mini MED Matrix

Coded Bonus Plan

When you upgrade, you are now eligible for the 2up coded bonus from every referral after your 2nd. Your first 2 referral commissions will be passed up to your passup sponsor. Once you refer your third upgraded member who has purchased a subscription, you will then become their passup sponsor and earn the referral commission. When your referrals starting at number 3 to infinity refer their first 2 upgraded members you will receive those commissions daily. This goes to infinity. Each coded bonus pays 0.0001 Eth.

Compensation Overview


Progressive Matrix

Level 1 - 2x2

Anytime you fill level 1 of your 3x10, you will automatically enter Level 1 of the progressive matrix. This is a 2x2. You will earn 0.00001 for each member that lands in this matrix. Click here to see the payplan for this level

Level 2 - 2x3

Once you cycle the 2x2, you will enter Level 2 - 2x3. You will earn 0.00002 Eth for each member in this matrix. Click here to see the payplan for this level

Level 3 - 2x4

Once you cycle the 2x3, you will enter Level 3 - 2x4. You will earn 0.00004 Eth for each member in this matrix. Click here to see the payplan for this level

Level 4 - 2x5

Once you cycle the 2x4, you will enter Level 4 - 2x5. You will earn 0.00005 Eth for each member in this matrix. When you cycle this board, you will also recieve a free sub to the 3x10. Click here to see the payplan for this level

Level 5 - 2x6

Once you cycle the 2x5, you will enter Level 5 - 2x6. Click here to see the payplan for this level. When you cycle this board, you will also recieve 2 free subs to the 3x10.

Rules of the Game

Your first position in any of the levels will follow your sponsor. Any additional entries after your first one will follow your top position.

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